Chris Manning (born 5 April 1988) is an Australian musician best known as a member of the Australian heavy metal band Ilcontent (2008 - 2019). After the band disbanded in 2019 He began focussing on solo projects in his home studio in the Blue Mountains.

Manning began playing drums at the age of six, receiving his first drumkit when he was seven. He was tutored by Australian jazz drummer Mal Morgan at a young age where he learnt to read music. Upon graduating Julius Media College he went on to play drums in death metal band Intentions To Kill, Heavy Metal band Parkway Drive, pop-punk band Smitten Kitten, and metal band In The Skin Of Angels.

In 2007 he signed with East Street Records and became a sponsor of drum brand Tama and Gibraltar. His choice of drums were a “7 piece Birch Starclassic with a 6”x20” and 6”x22” Octoban added and a Pearl DR301-302 Rack with 9000 series Gibraltar hardware, a 14”x6” Snare and an LP Boom mount Tambourine.

He performed as a session drummer with Australian artists; The Angels, Glenn Shorrock, The Screaming Jets, The Radiators and country music artists; Adam Harvey, Melinda Schneider and Beccy Cole. He toured with Tracy Chapman in 2013. In recent years Manning has remained a solo writer and has been writing material for the rock band Tomorrows New Format.

In 2017 Chris became a sponsor of Oz Music Gear and Gretsch Drums. His current drumkit configuration is the ‘7 piece Maple Catalina’ with 9000 series Gibraltar hardware with a 14”x6” Snare, a 13”x3.5” Snare and an LP Boom mount Tambourine.


Social Media

I'm not on facebook... but I do use Linkedin


East Street Records

New Plan Decided(2004) Chronos(2004) Warsaw Uprising(2005) The Green Velvets(2005) In The Skin Of Angels(2007) Tomorrow Dies Today (2008) Twisted Fanbelt (2008-Current) Ilcontent(2008-2017) My Hollowed Fantasy(2008) Neck Up(2008) Smitten Kitten(2008-2011) Jaded Empire(2009) Brave New Trashcan (2009-Current)) Scream For Silence(2009)


Other Gear

Main Guitar - Schecter Hellraiser C4

Backup Guitar - Schecter Omen Extreme

Main Bass - Yamaha RBX JM2 6 String

Backup Bass - Yamaha RBX5

It all starts with a goal

Follow your hopes and dreams! Never let anyone slow you down. If you fall, get back up and keep going!

East Street Records

As a kid I grew up around my fathers recording studios. I was allowed to write music using an ESQ-1 Synthesiser and a Rolland MC500. The recording quality was poor and I hadn’t learnt how to use metronomes, so it was really rough.

When I got into high school I was able to start producing my own music on a Macintosh Quadra running a software called Encore. I was able to save all the songs to floppy disk and open them up for editing. When I turned 13 I inherited a Tascam 244 Tape Recorder and was able to track live audio. My high school eventually purchased a Yamaha AW16 Digital recorder and from then on I was able to track live drums with 4 microphones.

In my final years of high school, my father purchased a Presonus FireBox which allowed me to Multitrack record 6 tracks. I used this digital interface to record the songs in the band In The Skin Of Angels. After the band disbanded, I started another band called Tomorrow Dies Today and we recorded using an 8 Track for all material, I transferred all the stems into Cubase on a Apple iBook 900 and did all the mixing in cans.

Using various Multitrack recorders, and recording equipment I began producing and recording other bands such as The Green Velvets, Warsaw Uprising, Chronos and many others. They all jumped on board and I gave them albums. in 2009 I put on a concert and 6 bands played with over 160 people gathered in a community hall in Penrith.

I purchased a Presonus VSL1818 and the 8 track expander to go with it. I was able to track 16 tracks straight to hard drive. That interface is still my current Analogue to Digital interface. I added a 32 channel control interface by Icon from Germany and some KRK monitors. I upgraded my DAW to Cubase 10 and purchased waves and many other plugin suites. With compact disks now history, I can utilise Apple Music to sell 100% of the music I produce. Now we just have to wait and see where the industry goes from here.